About Us!

Low Country Shrimp and Knits is a labor of love created by Tracy Winslow. 

Tracy was an avid runner and Peloton enthusiast. (Team Cody!) She was training for the Daufuskie Marathon when she got sick with COVID in February 2020. Suddenly, Tracy couldn't even walk across the room - let alone run. She turned to one of her other favorite pastimes - knitting - to help keep her sane(ish). After realizing there are no Local Yarn Shops (LYS) in Bluffton, Tracy knew that she needed to create a fun, little shop for people to come and knit or crochet. She also knows that so many people want to learn how to knit or crochet - but have no one to ask. 

So, she combined her love of knitting and career as a Spanish professor at Montclair State University - into teaching classes at a little cute shop where people can come together and buy beautiful yarn for their projects. Come, have a cup of tea, knit, laugh, and be part of this fun community! She can't wait to meet you.