Lang Yarns - Fatto a Mano 272 Collection - Pattern Book

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Nu (Devotions):

She is not a wild flower, but she knows her strengths and she knows what she stands for. In a field full of other flowers, she is pure and comes to herself, even if it rains too much or the sun sometimes shines too much on her delicate petals. Her colors do not fade, because she has an inexhaustible power in her that makes her shine. This world of colors stands for purity and everything that is sincere. The most delicate pastel shades alternate in the most exquisite creations. Designs that do not fade, but let you blossom. These are the designs that can easily be compared to classic beauties. Exciting creations that can be worn in many different ways, but also exciting yarn compositions that will make you merge with nature. If you wear these unique designs, you will automatically become a classic beauty.

Neo Femme:

In this world of colors, the colors change quickly... think of soft lemon yellow, spicy orange, lovely peony pink, cool ice blue and ocean tones. This world stands for strength, for the rediscovery of one's own self. This may not seem easy at first glance, but nothing could be further from the truth. By using these colors, the most creative designs come into their own even better. Whether you like cable patterns, ajour patterns or just simplicity does not matter, because every design offers you exactly that certain extra you need to be strong. Adorable, feminine designs, but with momentum. These feminine designs will let you find your inner strength.

Virtual Garden:

Enter this world and let yourself be seduced by our virtual garden. You will immerse yourself in rich, warm earth tones... Think of cognac, steamed rosewood, warm olive tones mixed with playful lilac and heavenly blue. The colors can remind you of a wild and rich garden. The designs are modern and classic. The most surprising combinations are created by the composition of different colors. Cardigans, sweaters or simply a bag in your favorite color. In this world we do not paint within the lines, we go beyond them. Do you opt for a tweed look, or do you prefer soft, breathable linen instead, or are you just looking for that certain extra shine? The choice is endless.