Irreverent Knits Weekly Podcast

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Need inspiration to keep working on your projects?  Want to play with yarn but don't want to wear pants? Maybe you just want to listen to the former morning radio show hostess babble her way through her knitting with her knitting bestie who actually knows how to make amazing things instead of rogue knitting her way through every project? 

The list is long - I'm sure. But you need to be there. It will be funny at least. 

Low Country Shrimp and Knits will be live streaming Tracy Winslow (Owner Low Country Shrimp and Knits) and Judi Kirby (Owner Maggie Loves Yarn) knit along on Friday mornings from 11-12pm on Instagram: @shrimp_and_knits.

The broadcast is also on YouTube! You can check out all the episodes that we have in the library here:

For her next trick - Tracy is casting on the Timber Cardigan from the book Within Knitting Patterns to warm the soul by Jane Richmond and Shannon Cook. 

Judi will be working on Iku-Turso from the Knitted Kalevala book from Laine as soon as she finishes Islington. 

Come in and grab your pattern, yarn, knitting essentials - whatever you need to be a part of this fun. Mention that you're joining in with the KAL and get 10% off your project yarn. Can't wait to see you live on Instagram!