Mary Poppins Felted Bag of Fabulous Kit

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The bag is actually called the Weekend Getaway Satchel by Marta McCall. But I think that Mary Poppins Felted Bag of Fabulous embraces the awesomeness of it much better.  Bright, felted colors make the Satchel a lively 21st century version of the 19th century carpetbag.

To add more detail to the color intarsia patterns, Marta embellishes her motifs with simple embroidery stitches after completing the knitting. A trip through the washing machine softens the boundaries between the knitting and embroidery, and imparts a uniform look. Special touches like buckles or tiny handbag feet can be added to your project.

Knit one up, pack a few essentials, and take off for a weekend - but don't expect to travel incognito. 

The kit includes: all the yarn, pattern, and a free tote bag! Hooray!  When the pattern was published in 2007, it included a base for the bottom of the bag. The base is no longer available, and will not be included in the kit.