Sock of the Month Club - 3/4 - Tiptoe through the Tulips

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We use the book Charming Colorwork Socks by Charlotte Stone for the 2023 Sock of the month club at Low Country Shrimp and Knits. 

Here's what the pattern says: I love tulip displays with their many amazing colors. They are one of the first signs that spring is in the air and that flowers, color, and life will soon appear again n then garden. I find they re such a welcome treat as winter starts thawing and their green shoots start appearing through the snow. I wanted to celebrate this flower by creating a pair of socks using a multi-colored variegated "tulip" color yarn to honor them and that feeling of hope that winter is finally ending and the light of spring is returning.

Instructor: Judi Kirby from Maggie Loves Yarn

Date: Saturday, March 4th from 12-2 pm

Accessories: Two size 2 Circular Sock Needles - 9"

Materials: Yarn and Charming Colorwork Socks Book (if not purchased at a previous class), which is where all the patterns come from, to be purchased at the start of class at Low Country Shrimp and Knits for a 10% discount.